Santos CCS

Total Welds – 3,396

Total Dia Inches – 14,445

No NDT Fails

Total Radiographic Tested Butt Welds – 746

Total Ultrasonic Tested Butt Welds – 98

Total Magnetic Particle – 408

Total Die Penetrant Inspection – 189

Heat Treatment – 466 Welds

Material Diameter Range

Carbon Steel – 15nb to 300nb

Low Temp Carbon Steel – 15nb to 250nb

Stainless Steel – 20nb to 750nb

Material Thickness Range

Carbon Steel – 3.73mm to 28.58mm

Low Temp Carbon Steel – 4.78mm to 21.44mm

Stainless Steel – 3.91mm to 23.01mm

Hydrostatic Testing of 344 Spools. 38,295Kpa maximum




Heavy wall SS Compressor tie in spool CCS.                                                                                          Lincoln Pipe fab with 2T welding positioner.