Santos CCS project

The Moomba CCS project is the largest pressure piping and welding project that we’ve tended for and won.

Working with Santos has meant that we’ve been able to upscale our business to employ more people and do some more highly skilled work, which is great for our apprentices and trainees.


It’s great that Santos has invested in South Australia for the CCS project.

It’s meant that workshops and businesses like ours can stay busy.

It is going to help South Australia reduce its carbon emissions and we’re proud to be a part of that.

Total Welds – 3,396


Total Dia Inches – 14,445


No NDT Fails

Total Radiographic Tested Butt Welds – 746

Total Ultrasonic Tested Butt Welds – 98

Total Magnetic Particle – 408

Total Die Penetrant Inspection – 189

Heat Treatment466

Material Diameter Range

Carbon Steel – 15nb to 300nb

Low Temp Carbon Steel – 15nb to 250nb

Stainless Steel – 20nb to 750nb

Material Thickness Range

Carbon Steel – 3.73mm to 28.58mm

Low Temp Carbon Steel – 4.78mm to 21.44mm

Stainless Steel – 3.91mm to 23.01mm

Hydrostatic Testing of 344 Spools.

Kpa maximum38,295